Girls’ kwik cricket tournament

Well done to the girls who attended the cricket tournament on Wednesday afternoon. I was delighted to have so many girls keen to play cricket! Everyone played extremely well and showed huge improvement during their matches.

Unfortunately, the girls lost their semi final match but they did extremely well.


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Kwik Cricket Tournament

Congratulations to the boys who attended the kwik cricket tournament on Tuesday. The tournament was run as a league, with Wallop playing all the other rural teams throughout the day.

The standard of play was incredible and the boys managed to achieve 3rd place. Well done!

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SATs party

It looks like you all enjoyed the post SATs party! Thank you to Jamie and his family for organising it.


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This weekend, in order to make sure you’re all ready for SATs, you MUST complete the following homework.

Sleep well!

Eat properly!

Have fun!

If you want, then read a little bit of your study guides but the most important thing is to be rested ready for the week!

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This week’s homework

Just a note in case there is any confusion over this week’s homework.

Maths = a double sided sheet
English = p27 and p28 in the spelling book (some children finished this at school today)
Science = pick at least 2 pages from your study guide to read to an adult (who will then hopefully ask some questions)

The white homework books are now finished with so are being sent home. There are still some unfinished pages, so if children want to they can work on these pages at home.

I am trying to encourage the class to take responsibility for their learning. Please encourage them to practise tricky areas from their study guides before the SATs (even just reading them to an adult)

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German penpals

Last week, we were very excited to receive a huge parcel in the post. It was completely filled with letters from our brand new German pen pals.

We are now writing our replies and already looking forward to hearing back from them.

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Paultons Park

Just before the Easter holidays, we went on a class trip to Paultons Park. We had been learning about forces at school and this gave us the opportunity to see a lot of those forces in action.

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